Threading the Light, image by Rachel Dight

In recent years my work has turned towards concert music, primarily focusing on interdisciplinary composition. Building on my professional background as a composer for film, theatre, and installations, my art music also often incorporates other media, including still photography, animation, motion graphics, video and sculpture. I was made an Associate Artist of the Australian Music Centre in February 2015.


EXIT, 2015
Commissioned for Decibel New Music Ensemble
Interactive electroacoustic work based on “animated notation”,
World premiere: “Anime”, PICA (WA), September 5, 2015.
Review: http://sensibleperth.blogspot.com.au/2015/09/decibel-anime-pica-592015.html

“Wilcox’s bound together the visuality of film, with music, and travel...and used time, in slowing and speeding it, in a manner that was most engaged in the world, but also prepared to challenge it. It spoke so eloquently of its matter that it was successful.” G.H.Mathwin, Sensible Perth

Uncovered Ground, 2015
Commissioned for Ensemble Offspring and Ironwood
World premiere:“Broken Consorts” tour, February 20-March 1, 2015: Bah’ai Temple Hobart, Burnie Arts Centre, 45 Downstairs, Melbourne, Utzon Room, Sydney Opera House, Newcastle Museum
Performed by Claire Edwardes, Zubin Kanga, Lamorna Nightingale, Veronique Serret, Jason Noble, Julia Fredersdorff, Anna McMicheal, Nicole Forsyth, Daniel Yeadon

“This engaging commission work comprehensively answers the brief of exploiting this collaboration’s combined ingredients and backgrounds...and blends early and new music styles effortlessly and seamlessly. Its inclusion is a highlight of the programme and a brilliant flagship for the sensibilities of the project.” Paul Nolan, Sydney Arts Guide
ABC Classic FM, Mornings, February 20, 2015
ABC Radio National, The Music Show, February 21, 2015
ABC Classic FM, live concert recording, April 7, 2015


The Sculptor’s Mallet (a clot of light),
Homage I,
Dodona Fragments,
Atelier Brancusi,
Sound/video works, created in collaboration with John Encarnacao and Natasha Dusenjko for New Forms: Installation by Natasha Dusenjko, Counihan Gallery, Melbourne, October 16-November 9, 2014.

Gouttes d’un Sang Etranger (Drops of Foreign Blood),
Commissioned for Vivid, New Wave Sound Festival
Interactive electroacoustic music with text, video, photography.
World premiere: Sound Lounge, Seymour Centre, June 6, 2014
Performed by Anthea Cottee, viola da gamba, Nathan Henshaw, saxophone and Felicity Wilcox, spoken word.
Visual Design by Natasha Dusenjko

ABC Classic FM, New Music Up Late, October 11, 2014

Quotet, 2013
Commissioned for the Australia Quartet and UTS Animation students
Interactive chamber music/animation work.
Performed by Veronique Serret, Tamara-Anna Cislowska, Thomas Rann, James Wannan

World premiere: UTS, Broadway, Sydney, September 4, 2013.

Dual, 2010
Commissioned for Halcyon Ensemble and Kammerklang Vox
Interactive chamber music/photographic work.

Performed by Alison Morgan, Jenny Duck-Chong and the Kammerklang Chamber Orchestra.
World premiere: Sydney Conservatorium of Music, May 10-12, 2010.
Live recording:

Fugue in Five,
Commissioned for and performed by the Sydney Symphony Fellows, August, 2009.

Music for a Fragile Peace, 2003
Commissioned for and performed by the Sydney Symphony Fellows, August, 2003.

Kammerklang Alpha, 2013, Halcyon and Kammerklang Chamber Orchestra (Music Forge Australia)